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Volbella® in Philadelphia

Enjoy Fuller Lips With Augmentation from JUVÉDERM®

Volbella® became the newest filler in the JUVÉDERM® family in the summer of 2016, joining an established line of hyaluronic acid-based injectables designed to add volume to where it is needed in the face. While all of the various formulations share a common benefit, each is created to address a specific area and aesthetic goal. With Volbella®, Philadelphia-area patients who come to Dr. Timothy Greco for their injections can get plumper, fuller lips, as well as smoothed out perioral wrinkles, which are lines that form around the mouth.

For anyone who wants fuller lips, Volbella® represents a product that can offer natural-looking augmentation, especially when injected by a facial cosmetic plastic surgeon devoted to studying how the mouth, nose, cheeks, eyes, and other features interact. By choosing an experienced and face-focused provider, patients can maximize their results—and their satisfaction.


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What is Volbella®?

Like all JUVÉDERM® products made by Allergan, Volbella® is an injectable gel made from cross-linked hyaluronic acid. The manufacturing process results in a gel that is both smooth and durable, allowing it to easily flow when injected and provide volume that lasts. Clinical trials revealed that volumizing the lips and the wrinkle-smoothing effects of Volbella® can last for a year.

The gel serves two functions:

For the lips themselves, added volume and moisture cause them to appear plumper and defined. For the skin around the lips, Volbella® can restore a more youthful appearance by eradicating fine lines.

Volbella® can be administered in a matter of minutes, and the effects are essentially immediate. Dr. Greco may use a cannula for injections, since the specially designed thin tube offers a better experience than a typical needle does. Patients who have received injections from both typically say they prefer the cannula.

Other Fillers in the JUVÉDERM® Family

Allergan's JUVÉDERM® products beyond Volbella include Ultra® for treating fine lines elsewhere on the face, Ultra Plus® for addressing deeper lines and creases, and Voluma® for adding volume to the cheeks while improving the nasolabial folds.

Patients can talk with Dr. Greco and the Timothy M. Greco, MD, PC team to discover which product or combination of products and treatments is best suited to rejuvenate their face.

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