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Kybella® in Philadelphia

Lose Your Double Chin Without Surgery

Dr. Timothy Greco is proud to offer the first FDA-approved medication for the treatment of a double chin: Kybella®. Philadelphia patients who choose Timothy M. Greco, MD, PC for their aesthetic needs were the first in the area to enjoy the injectable's benefits, since, due to Dr. Greco's status among aesthetic surgeons throughout the country, he was the first surgeon in the city to receive the product and administer it.

Kybella® is meant to help patients with moderate to severe submental fullness, caused by a significant collection of large fat cells below the chin. It works by dissolving many of these fat cells and causing a controlled inflammatory response, which results in re-draping of the submental skin. This takes care of the fat, as well as potential laxity that could create a sagging turkey neck.

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What is Kybella®?

The active ingredient in Kybella® is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring chemical that plays a role in dissolving dietary fat in the body. The formula designed for injection into the submental area works the same way, breaking down the fat cells it encounters and beginning a process that removes them from the body for good.

Because of its powerful effect, Kybella® must only be administered by medical professionals trained and experienced in its specific use. When handled properly, safely, and with skill, it can be an extremely effective tool for people who want a contoured profile.

Who is Kybella® For?

Any adult who has a double chin and wants to eliminate it may be a candidate for a Kybella® treatment. It is not a weight-loss procedure, so patients considering it should not have an excess amount of fat in the area, but should be seeking it for re-contouring purposes.

The fat targeted by Kybella® is often referred to as “stubborn” or "diet-resistant" fat, because it can remain in the submental area even as a person sheds pounds from elsewhere by exercising and eating healthy foods. Even people who are finding success with lifestyle changes may consider the treatment, since dieting shrinks fat cells, but does not remove them from the body. Under the right circumstances, these smaller cells can grow large again, creating a new bulge.

In these cases, fat may be physically removed from the body, either via suction, as with liposuction, or destruction. Fat cells destroyed by Kybella® are permanently gone, removing them from the cosmetic equation.

The FDA has cleared Kybella® for use only on double chins. This is an area often prone to developing fatty deposits, which can cause a person to appear overweight, even if other areas of the body are slim and toned.

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Kybella® Treatment Details

The procedure takes 15 to 20 minutes and is performed in the office with local anesthesia to provide optimal comfort. A single session may involve 25 to 50 injections in the treatment area below the chin, all placed with precision by Dr. Greco to ensure maximum patient safety and results.

Patients may experience some bruising and swelling after their Kybella® procedure, but this can be controlled by Motrin and ice packs. Other potential side effects include discomfort or numbness at the injection site. During your consultation, Dr. Greco will discuss what to expect in the days after your treatment session, explaining normal reactions, the anticipated number of total treatments to achieve a certain outcome, and the expected timeframe for results.

Fat destruction, and the process of its subsequent removal, can take weeks and months, depending on a patient’s desired look. It usually takes two to four Kybella® treatments, spaced about a month apart, to achieve the full reduction.

The results are expected to be permanent. As with any fat-reduction procedure, slimmer contours are best maintained by avoiding new weight gain after a successful Kybella® treatment. For this reason, patients seeking the treatment should be at or near their ideal weight, and able to maintain that weight steadily into the future.

How Kybella® Works

Just as naturally occurring deoxycholic acid breaks down dietary fat, the deoxycholic acid in Kybella® triggers cytolysis, a process that involves the destruction of cellular membranes. Losing their cohesive integrity, fat cells release their contents, which are then processed by the body and eliminated.

Deoxycholic acid works on a variety of cells, so careful injection into only the targeted fat cells beneath the chin is vital. It is important to select a provider, like facial plastic surgeon Dr. Greco, who has a thorough understanding of the face from both an aesthetic and functional perspective. Extensive medical knowledge and the ability to envision how changes to one area will impact other features on the face allows your injector to tailor a treatment that will yield pleasing results while minimizing risk.

Before, Midtreatment and After Photos
Before, Midtreatment and After Photos
Before, Midtreatment and After Photos

Is Kybella® Safe?

When administered by a properly trained and experienced medical professional, Kybella® is both a safe and effective treatment for reducing a double chin. The injectable has been the subject of numerous successful global clinical studies and trials. In fact, more than 1,600 people participated in more than 20 studies during a global clinical development program designed to investigate the injectable and its application.

Dr. Greco uses only the official product made by Allergan, the trusted maker of other popular and commonly used cosmetics, such as BOTOX® and Juvéderm®. As a manufacturer, Allergan applies rigorous safety standards and controls to its products to ensure that they are safe.

To reduce a double chin, patients can choose from surgical liposuction or non-surgical Kybella® from the Philadelphia area's Dr. TImothy Greco. To reduce a double chin, patients can choose from surgical liposuction or non-surgical Kybella® from the Philadelphia area's Dr. TImothy Greco.
Dr. Timothy Greco can use either liposuction or Kybella® at his Philadelphia-area practice to reduce a double chin. Results from surgical fat reduction are visible right away, but the procedure requires downtime for healing. Non-surgical Kybella® provides results that are more gradually revealed, but no stitches, incisions, or recovery time are necessary.

Beyond Kybella®: Surgery for Facial Contouring

Kybella® is an effective treatment for fat reduction, but it is not the only option for patients looking to reduce their double chin or re-contouring the jawline.

Voluma® is an injectable filler in the Juvéderm® line, designed to add volume to the cheekbone area, which can appear flattened and sunken over time as collagen and fat diminish. Increased volume in this area may provide a temporary lift for the lower portion of the face, eliminating jowls that hide a well-define jaw. Structural fat grafting can accomplish the same results, using a patient's own unwanted fat, collected from elsewhere on the body and processed, to augment the cheek area.

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Facial liposuction is a surgical method that allows Dr. Greco to physically suction out unwanted fat from beneath the chin. Unlike Kybella®, which is currently limited to application in the submental area, liposuction can also be used elsewhere on the face and neck, such as the jawline, for areas plagued by stubborn fat, allowing for a wide range of re-contouring options.

A facelift involves tightening skin and repositioning tissues on the lower half of the face to eliminate jowls and create a more defined jawline, offering longer-lasting results than dermal fillers.

No matter the treatment, procedure, or combination of services patients choose to deal with their double chins, Dr. Timothy Greco is prepared to draw on his years of experience with that human face to provide a personalized approach and quality care. For more information about Kybella® in Philadelphia, call ((610) 664-8830 or request a complimentary consultation.