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Frown lines are conspicuous signs of aging, given their facial position directly between the eyebrows. Dr. Timothy Greco offers Jeuveau™ for the Philadelphia area at his practice in Bala Cynwyd for this very reason, giving women and men another nonsurgical option for smoothing out these telltale dynamic wrinkles.

Jeuveau Injection

Jeuveau is approved by the FDA specifically to relax the muscles associated with frowning that cause what are technically known as glabellar lines. It works the same way as other botulinum toxin-based minimally invasive treatments, such as BOTOX®, Dysport®, and Xeomin®. All of these injectable treatments are collectively known as neuromodulators, because they alter the way chemical messages are transmitted in the body. When injected directly into a muscle, they inhibit contractions for months at a time. Since dynamic wrinkles are made visible by contractions, the muscle relaxation allows the skin above to appear smoother and more youthful.

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Jeuveau Basics

Before administering Jeuveau or any cosmetic treatment—Dr. Greco will meet with you to discuss what you hope to accomplish and review your options. After a careful analysis of your face, Dr. Greco will determine if this therapy is appropriate for you. Jeuveau is administered by precise injections during a single session, which takes only minutes. Each injection may feel like a minor pinch to the skin.

Dr. Greco is nationally regarded for his experience and skill with injectables, including neuromodulators and fillers. He draws on his years of work in facial aesthetics for every treatment, customizing the session to give patients results that are tailored to their skin type, facial structure, symmetry, and cosmetic goals.

What Should I Expect After a Jeuveau Session?

Results typically take several days to become visible, with muscle activity gradually decreasing. The smoothing effects of Jeuveau will continue to improve over the next week, until expected results are achieved.

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A close up of a person face
A close up of a person

How Long Will Jeuveau Results Last?

Since each patient's body is different, each person’s results will be unique. It is reasonable to expect the frown line-smoothing effects of Jeuveau to last for four months. Eventually, a gradual restoration of muscle activity will allow frown lines to become increasingly pronounced again.

Dr. Greco will work with you to develop a long-term facial rejuvenation plan, which can include routine Jeuveau treatments for continued facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Timothy Greco

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Dr. Timothy Greco

What Complements a Jeuveau Treatment?

Not all signs of aging are associated with muscle activity beneath the skin. Static wrinkles, which develop as the facial skin ages and loses vital collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, can be addressed with dermal fillers, including Juvederm®, Sculptra®, and Restylane®.

Patients who want a more dramatic and longer-lasting rejuvenating effect to address age-related changes to the face can discuss their surgical options, including facelift, brow lift, laser-skin resurfacing, structural fat grafting, and more.

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