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Why Have Facial Aesthetic Surgery?

At Timothy M. Greco, MD, PC in Philadelphia, Dr. Greco offers facial cosmetic plastic surgery for men and women who are conscious of their appearance and want to look as good as they feel. Facial cosmetic surgery rejuvenates your appearance so that you feel more confident and self-assured.

Despite the popularity of facial cosmetic surgery procedures, many myths and misconceptions exist, including cost, discomfort, and risks. Some believe that facial plastic surgery is only affordable to the very wealthy, yet people on limited budgets undergo facial plastic surgery and injectable treatments as well.

Most patients have relatively little discomfort. Many cannot recall the events surrounding the surgery, let alone any significant discomfort. It is Dr. Greco's goal to make the process a safe, comfortable, and satisfactory experience for you. Any discomfort following the procedure can be managed with appropriate pain medication and the liberal use of cold compresses.


Ultimately, facial plastic surgery is an investment in you. And as with any surgical procedure, it may involve some risks. The majority of these, however, can be avoided with careful judgment and your common sense and strict adherence to pre- and post-operative instructions. These will be explained in detail as well as the unlikely complications associated with each procedure, and the various ways to minimize those risks.

Please feel free to explore and study the content of this website to become an "educated consumer." When you're ready to meet with Dr. Greco to discuss your own facial plastic surgery, call Timothy M. Greco, MD, PC at (610) 664-8830, or request a consultation online.