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Computer-Assisted Video Imaging

For his Philadelphia facial plastic surgery patients, Dr. Timothy Greco is committed to providing the newest technology and services, including computer imaging. This technology enables him to "correct" a video image of a patient's face. This desired image is viewed with the patient to discuss and arrive at common and realistic goals for the surgery.

Computer imaging can also help identify facial disharmonies not previously noticed. Many patients are grateful to have these pointed out and to see how those corrections can improve their overall facial appearance. Finally, computer imaging helps patients appreciate the artistic abilities of the surgeon.

A Note on Imaging

Patients should understand that a computer image helps only in establishing goals for the surgery; it does not guarantee results. A manipulated picture on a screen over-simplifies the actual surgical procedure necessary to correct a facial cosmetic concern. Many factors, including healing and individual patient characteristics, contribute to the final surgical result.


As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Greco focuses his practice exclusively on excellence in aesthetic surgery of the face, treating patients from Philadelphia and out of the area. If you would like to speak with him about your facial plastic surgery goals, phone Timothy M. Greco, MD, PC at (610) 553-6356, or request a consultation online today.