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Ethnic Rhinoplasty with Dr. Greco

Have you heard of ethnic rhinoplasty procedure from friends or family? If you're wondering what constitutes a pleasing rhinoplasty outcome that's customized to a person's needs, facial structure, and ethnicity, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy Greco can provide great counsel.

Dr. Timothy Greco is a facial plastic surgeon skilled in performing rhinoplasty to help Philadelphia patients improve facial harmony. He is committed to meeting with you to discuss your specific concerns and needs and creating a unique surgical plan that will yield an optimal outcome.

Timothy M. Greco, MD, PC is limited solely to excellence in aesthetic surgery of the face. Dr. Greco treats patients from Philadelphia, Main Line, New Jersey, and Delaware. To schedule your appointment at Timothy M. Greco, MD, PC, request a consultation online, or call (610) 664-8830 today.


Different Types of Ethnicities

Our practice sees patients from various cultures and ethnicities. We want your nose to be a reflection of your heritage. We typically see the following concerns with the following ethnicities:

Due to the various backgrounds of patients, we believe that one nose does not fit everyone. Dr. Greco understands the importance of preserving your ethnicity when he performs your rhinoplasty. Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware patients appreciate the balance and symmetry of their facial appearance after nasal aesthetic surgery, creating an overall pleasing appearance.

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Rhinoplasty Tactics Depending on Heritage

Mediterranean Nose

Mediterranean noses may have a prominent hump with a tip that is pointed downward. Aesthetic goals concerning the reduction of this hump are unique to each specific patient. Many of Dr. Greco's ethnic rhinoplasty patients near Philadelphia like to preserve some of their heritage and do not wish to have a substantial change.

Asian Nose

Many of Dr. Greco's Asian patients in Philadelphia wanting rhinoplasty surgery generally desire to build up the bridge and tip of the nose. Some patients also need to have their nostrils tapered to avoid a "flared" look.

African American Nose

Ethnic rhinoplasty patients near Philadelphia of African American descent frequently wish to improve the shape and definition of their noses. Most of the time, there is a need to augment the nose. The nose may appear to have a low, broad bridge, the tip may be wide and lack definition, and the nostrils may or may not be a concern. In profile, the bridge may be underdeveloped and the tip may be close to the nose, requiring augmentation.

For more information about ethnic rhinoplasty at our New Jersey and Philadelphia serving practice, or to schedule your appointment at Timothy M. Greco, MD, PC, request a consultation online, or call (610) 664-8830 today.

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