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Consultations and Considerations

It's only natural to have questions about what you can expect when you come in to our Philadelphia office for your facial cosmetic plastic surgery consultation. Be assured that you will be provided a private, comfortable environment in order to discuss your particular needs.

While you wait, you will complete patient information forms. It is important during the consultation for us to discuss your health including history of facial trauma, past facial surgery, health problems such as high blood pressure or heart problems, or any emotional or psychiatric problems. Withholding any information can affect not only the patient/doctor relationship, but may ultimately affect your result. If you are over the age of 50, we recommend that you see your family doctor or other primary health care provider before your surgery. There may have been a change in your health that we should know about. This helps assure a safe and satisfying experience.

During the consultation you will also have photographs taken for documentation. These photographs will be part of your file and serve as a comparison for you before and after your surgery. Computer assisted video imaging is available to help in planning your surgery and communicating the goals you have.


Your Time with Dr. Greco

During your consultation, Dr. Greco will perform a careful and thorough analysis of your face and will provide you with valuable information about facial aesthetic procedures. Since each face is different, he will present the various options as well as the procedure and technique best suited for you based upon your unique facial characteristics. Patients interested in scheduling cosmetic surgery will likely have a second consultation prior to the surgery to answer any questions or concerns. Also during this second consultation, preoperative pictures and perioperative instructions will be reviewed. A fee is charged for the initial consultation which is applied to any surgery or minimally invasive procedure you may choose to pursue but there is no fee for the second consultation.

Dr. Timothy Greco

Learn why double-board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy M. Greco has been chosen "Best of Philly" five times by Philadelphia Style Magazine.

Dr. Timothy Greco

A Note on Surgical Costs

After you meet with Dr. Greco, the cost of treatment(s) and/or procedure(s) he recommends for you will be discussed. The costs of surgical services cover pre-and post-operative care, the procedure, operating room fees, and anesthesia. You will be responsible for all costs; however, you may submit part of your surgery, if applicable, to your insurance. We will provide you with necessary diagnostic and procedural codes. The surgery fee must be paid in full before the actual surgery at the second consultation.

A Note on Facial Symmetry

After a rhinoplasty or facelift in Philadelphia, you may develop a discerning eye and may notice conditions that existed prior to your surgery. A common thing that is often noticed is asymmetries of the face after the surgery. The truth is that these asymmetries existed before the surgery. This can be best understood by considering the fact that the face develops from two different sides in the embryo during maturation. Therefore, it is not difficult to see why the face may have different characteristics when comparing one side to the other. An example of this may be that one eyebrow may be a little higher than the other or one cheekbone may be more prominent than the other. Dr Greco will discuss these issues with you during your consultation.

Anesthesia Options

The choice of anesthesia for your procedure is dependent upon you and the nature of the procedure. Most patients undergo twilight anesthesia which is similar to sleeping. A certified registered nurse anesthetist will supervise the administration of sedation, providing a comfortable and satisfying experience. If general anesthesia is necessary, this will be discussed with you prior to your surgery.

Dr. Greco's practice is limited solely to excellence in aesthetic surgery of the face, and he serves patients from Philadelphia and out of the area. If you would like to meet with Dr. Greco to discuss cosmetic enhancements, call Timothy M. Greco, MD, PC at (610) 553-6356, or request a consultation online today.