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Why It’s Best to Get Laser Work Done During Winter

While other aesthetic procedures and topical products can enhance your skin appearance, there’s no replacement for laser and light treatments when it comes to addressing more pronounced skin texture and tone issues. These therapies clear up and even out your skin in a way you can’t get out of a bottle. Fractional laser treatments are one of the most popular options for skin rejuvenation because they deliver tiny columns of heat to the skin that encourage collagen growth and speed up cell turnover. The fractional laser resurfacing treatments with Pixel® from our Philadelphia-area team give you smoother, clearer, and more youthful skin. If you have been thinking of having laser resurfacing to give your skin a complete makeover, we advise trying it out during the winter months, for a variety of reasons:

Lasers Need Time to Work

Although you’ll notice some improvement to your skin just after a laser resurfacing treatment, results are progressive, and patients can expect the optimal appearance to develop around two to three months later. During this time, the skin is able to fully heal while new collagen and elastin are produced to improve the structure.

The gradual improvements look more natural and subtle rather than making it obvious that you’ve had “work done.” With that said, if you’re hoping to be able to flaunt your new, glowing skin by spring, it’s better to start early. You may also need to have several treatment sessions to get your desired results.

More Time to Recover

Patents usually need a few days off to recover because their skin will be sensitive and red after a laser treatment. The long weekends and time off during the holidays give you more opportunities to heal at home.

Colder Weather Is Ideal for Lasers

After a laser treatment, your skin is very sensitive to heat and especially prone to developing hyperpigmentation and irritations. Try to limit your sun exposure as much as possible. We spend more time covered up in bulky clothes indoors during winter, and the sun’s rays aren’t as strong, so you can take advantage of this and treat yourself to a rejuvenating laser treatment.

Read to try out Pixel®? Dr. Timothy Greco and the rest of the team can get you started. Talk to us about the procedure by calling (610) 664-8830, or submit a contact form to see us for an appointment.

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