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What Are Sleep Wrinkles, and How Do You Prevent Them?

Most of us are already aware of expression wrinkles caused by making the same facial expressions over and over. Wrinkles can also be associated with other factors, like collagen deficiency. Patients are taking steps to prevent static lines, also known as sleep wrinkles. Injectable fillers from our Philadelphia-area team are an effective way of temporarily addressing compression wrinkles once they have become etched into the skin. Fillers work by restoring volume, but there are also other proactive steps that patients can take to minimize sleep wrinkles—or prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Sleep itself isn’t an issue. In fact, consistently getting good quality sleep each night is one of the best ways of preventing premature signs of aging. However, the position you’re sleeping in and the type of fabric your pillowcase is made of could be putting too much pressure and friction on the front of your face when you move around in your sleep.

Unlike expression wrinkles—or dynamic wrinkles, as they are sometimes called—compression wrinkles are said to be caused by facial compression or distortion while you’re sleeping. Squishing your face against a pillow for hours while lying on your stomach or side is thought to be a leading cause of wrinkles, aside from prolonged sun exposure and intrinsic aging. The mechanical forces involved in compressing or moving your face cause the skin to be pushed or pulled, resulting in the formation of visible folds.

• Get a New Pillow and Pillowcase

Some pillowcase fabrics stick to your skin. One of the best ways of preventing lines from appearing on your skin is by switching to a satin pillowcase or using a pillow that’s designed to take the pressure off of your face.

• Change Your Sleep Posture

Although it might not feel comfortable at first, training yourself to sleep on your back has many benefits for your skin.

• Massage Your Face

Boost circulation to ward off wrinkles or make them look less prominent by massaging your face with small circular motions and tapping each morning.

While these tips can help prevent lines from developing, we all show signs of aging and other skin changes over time. Learn more about the perks of injectable fillers from Dr. Timothy M. Greco and his team. Set up a consultation by calling us at (610) 664-8830 or submit a form to contact us today.