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Want to Contour Your Face? Try Our New Nurse Injector: Brenda Luckett BSN, RN!

Fillers are gels that can be injected into the face beneath the skin to restore volume that has been lost in specific areas, make wrinkles less noticeable, sculpt the face, or augment specific features. They work by adding volume and plumpness to the skin. The most common areas for them to be injected are the cheeks, lips, and around the mouth. One question that we get asked a lot is, “Can lip fillers look natural?” Our Philadelphia-area team—including our newest addition, nurse injector Brenda Luckett, BSN, RN—can provide natural-looking, subtle results from fillers. Read on to learn more!

Brenda—who is certified in neurotoxins, facial fillers, and laser skin treatments—is a highly experienced injector who has worked and trained with skin care experts for more than a decade. She began her nursing career in the neonatal intensive care unit before moving on to medical aesthetics in 2008, when she began to administer injectables and laser treatments.

Her focus is on enhancing the quality of the skin, as she believes this should be the first step to help patients look their best. Although the lips one of her favorite areas to inject, and what she does most often, Brenda believes that the temples are one of the most overlooked features when it comes to facial rejuvenation since they are such a critical area to focus on if your goal is to make the face look younger. 

“Working in the NICU for over 15 years has been very complementary to my career as an aesthetic nurse,” Brenda explained. “Caring for the most fragile of patients has given me a gentle and precise hand with my treatments. Putting my clients at ease is extremely important to me, and I feel extremely humbled to gain their trust.”

She provides a expert facial analysis, along with a gentle touch, to attain exceptional results. Her goal is to make patients look more youthful while still preserving their natural beauty. 

The team at Dr. Timothy Greco’s practice believes that in the hands of a skilled practitioner, lip injections and other dermal filler applications can indeed look natural. We can explain more about what to expect from hyaluronic acid and collagen stimulatory fillers used for facial rejuvenation. Call us at (610) 664-8830 or fill out a contact form to get in touch with our team and get started.