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How to Get a Natural-Looking Change for Your Nose

A nose job is a way of shaping the nose to improve aspects that we may have always been self-conscious about while growing up or after an injury, such as a hump on the bridge. The surgery also has the lesser-known benefit of making you look slightly younger, as aging often leads to structural changes to the nose shape, such as thinning skin and drooping at the nasal tip. However, gone is the era of run-of-the-mill, formulaic, or overly dramatic nose jobs. As preferences have changed in the age of body positivity and revolutionary new technologies and techniques have been introduced for rhinoplasty, more Philadelphia-area patients are embracing the features that make them look unique—rather than trying to look “perfect” according to traditional standards—as they pursue some sort of alteration.

Nose surgery is not about “shrinking” a big nose. It may involve removing tissue, but the more important goal should be creating a nose that better “fits” the face overall.

For anyone who wants their nose to not dominate their face, but to complement all of the features, here are two things to consider:

Find a Qualified and Experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon

Unless a patient specifically requests otherwise, the goal for any nose job is to maintain a balanced, refined look by making the nose appear to be in harmony with the rest of the face. However, some surgeons have their own style that results in patients ending up with a cookie-cutter nose that may not suit their unique face.

The success of your procedure depends greatly on the skill of your surgeon. If you want your nose to look as natural as possible, start by researching and meeting qualified plastic surgeons for in-person examinations prior to making any decision.

As you meet, remember that communication is key: Talk to any prospective plastic surgeon about your aesthetic preferences and find out whether their style is a good match for you. Also, working with a specialized surgeon can help. Dr. Timothy Greco, for example, strictly focuses on facial procedures, giving him particular insight and experience in how facial features interact to create someone’s unique appearance. Dr. Greco, also, utilizes video imaging during your consultation to give you a better appreciation for your surgical results.

Try Out a Non-Surgical Nose Job

A liquid rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid-based fillers is often viewed as a non-surgical version of the standard nose job—with the understanding that the results can create a new look, but not one that can compare to the results of surgery. Our team often uses filler in this way to give patients an idea of what their face could look like if their nose were surgically refined. Fillers might be a good option for someone who wants a more subtle outcome and only wants to change minor aspects, or a patient who wants a better understanding of what to expect from the surgical nose job but isn’t ready to go through surgical rhinoplasty.

For more information about rhinoplasty and what it entails, please call Dr. Timothy Greco’s plastic surgery office at (610) 664-8830, or fill out a contact form to request a consultation.