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How Long Do the Results from a Nose Job Last?

Learning to accept the way your nose looks can be difficult if there are aspects of it you wish you could change. Common complaints include crookedness, pronounced bumps, and a misshapen tip. Some people live most of their life wishing they could make an improvement, and while a rhinoplasty for nose reshaping by Philadelphia-area facial plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy Greco helps patients to sculpt more pleasing, proportional features and address common irregularities, many patients wonder how long the results will last.

Nose surgery can significantly boost confidence and self-esteem—so it’s only natural to want information about the long-term benefits of the procedure. The same goes for injectable fillers, which can be used to add volume and shape the face in a way that makes the nose appear more proportional. 

Fillers require little to no downtime and provide results that are visible right away, but the effects typically last for one to two years at most—and often less time. While the results from an injectable can be maintained with repeat treatments, nose surgery only requires one procedure if it’s done correctly by an experienced surgeon. A nose job will alter the actual structure of your nose and the results will potentially last for the rest of your lifetime. 

If you are hoping for as little upkeep as possible, the important thing is to aim for a natural-looking result that matches the rest of your features. Since your nose is such an important, central aspect of your face, you want results that will last. There’s no way of knowing for sure what your nose job will look like as you get older, but there are several factors that will impact its appearance. These include the techniques used for during surgery, your genetics, the thickness of your skin, and whether you have experienced any nasal trauma. 

The chronological aging process may lead to some subtle changes to your nose’s shape, and remember that additional surgery can also alter its shape—even if the surgery is not on the nose itself. Making good lifestyle choices, such as avoiding smoking and limiting sun exposure, can help you prevent sagging facial skin that can alter your overall appearance.

Dr. Greco is experienced not only in rhinoplasty surgery, but in working with patients to help them understand the long-term results of their choices. For more advice about nose reshaping, contact Dr. Timothy Greco by calling directly at (610) 664-8830 or filling out a contact form to arrange a consultation to discuss rhinoplasty and cosmetic treatments and procedures.