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How Do You Care for Your Skin After Plastic Surgery?

Although there’s no way to prevent time, gravity, and other forces that are outside of our control from having an impact on our skin, surgical procedures are the most long-lasting and effective ways of creating a much younger-looking appearance that can last for years. Fillers and other injectables are great for managing smaller wrinkles and creases, but deep folds, sagging, and hollows caused by stretched-out skin are best fixed with more involved procedures. Patients who want to preserve the results from a surgery, such as an eyelid lift at our Philadelphia-area practice, for as long as possible should know that the way they care for their skin in the months and years that follow will affect the outcome. Here’s our advice for preventing damage and premature aging after you’ve invested so much time and gone to all of the effort to have cosmetic surgery, from blepharoplasty to a facelift:

Sun Protection is Critical

UV radiation warps the DNA of skin cells and breaks down collagen fibers. Continue to wear sunscreen and take other steps to protect your skin so that additional wrinkles and sagging will be less likely to occur. Remember to wait until your incision lines have healed and seek advice from the surgeon before you start applying sunscreen again after surgery. Stay out of the sun and protect yourself with physical barriers—such as umbrellas, hats, and the like—as much as possible. Once you are able to apply products again after your incisions have healed, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that doesn’t contain ingredients you’re allergic to.

Maintain Good Lifestyle Habits

You need to nourish your skin from the inside out to keep it looking its best. Also, consider what kinds of products you’re using topically. Eat a healthy, balanced diet that’s rich in antioxidants, stay hydrated, and avoid foods that are bad for your skin. Use powerful ski care products that are designed for your skin type. Try other, complementary skin rejuvenation treatments like lasers and chemical peels.

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