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Everything You Need to Know About Facelift Sutures

After having a facelift from the Philadelphia area’s Dr. Timothy Greco, there can be an exciting (and possibly even slightly overwhelming) time of waiting for your face to heal so you can see and enjoy the rejuvenating results of the procedure. As with any type of plastic surgery, what you do during your recovery can make a world of difference regarding your outcome. One of the aspects of aftercare that it will be important for you to know about is how to clean and care for sutures while you’re in the initial stages of recovery and what to expect from follow-up appointments.

There are various wound closure techniques used by plastic surgeons. Sutures are stitches made from different materials used to seal the wounds that have been placed in your skin to keep the incisions closed and tissues protected. They essentially hold the skin together (just like stitches that are used in your clothes hold fabric together) while reducing the likelihood of bleeding or infections.

It’s important to follow the specific instructions we give for healing and recovery. With that in mind, check out these three essential things to remember about sutures from your facelift:

  • Your Sutures Are Removed Within Two Weeks

Each patient’s situation is unique, and the timing for the removal of sutures depends on an individual’s healing process. We will remove sutures promptly at one week to reduce the risk of scarring.

  • Be Sure Your Incisions Stay Clean and Dry

Keep your incisions as clean as possible by gently washing them with soap and water each day unless we advises against it. You may be advised to wait for 24 hours after your surgery before you resume washing your face with plain water again. Don’t soak your face in baths or go into swimming pools until your sutures have been removed. Inspect the incisions for signs of infection.

  • Protect Your Skin from Scarring After

Once your sutures have been removed, protect your skin from sun damage by wearing our uniquely designed, complete block facial sunscreen so that the scar that is left behind doesn’t become more pronounced due to ultraviolet radiation exposure.

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