Comparing Four Cosmetic Neuromodulators

Winter is the season associated with colder weather, and—perhaps surprisingly—plastic surgery! Philadelphia’s Dr. Timothy Greco and his team often field questions from patients who are unsure of what to do for an aging face. More specifically, while facelifts handle lower-face contours, it may be more desirable to select a nonsurgical injectable to best meet needs higher on the face.

Many people believe that the later months of the year are ideal for cosmetic treatments, since the weather sends everyone indoors, where it’s easier to conceal cosmetic “tweaks” under heavier layers of clothing.

This past November, patients and practitioners around the country celebrated Allergan’s first ever National BOTOX® Day. Even as physicians around the country highlighted the effects and benefits of this powerful neuromodulator, it’s important to acknowledge three other highly effective alternatives to choose from. These are very similar (though there are some notable differences between them), and the choice largely depends on individual preference.

Originally only known for its medical applications for muscle spasms, BOTOX® is now the world’s most famous wrinkle-reducing injectable. The first, original product of its kind, BOTOX®, has given rise to a series of successors and competitors, including Dysport®, XEOMIN®, and, most recently, Jeuveau (Newtox). All of these injectables contain botulinum toxin type A as their key ingredient, used to minimize or prevent dynamic wrinkles by relaxing muscles. There are minor differences in how each of these products has been manufactured and how they are used in clinical settings.

Dysport® is very similar to BOTOX®, specifically designed for treating glabellar lines and approved by the FDA for that purpose. As opposed to its counterparts, XEOMIN®, the “naked injectable,” contains no accessory proteins. Its only ingredient is botulinum toxin type A. This purer variation is a popular alternative for those who have developed a resistance to other types of neuromodulators. However, the tradeoff may be that it takes a longer time to work compared to the other injectables.

Finally, unlike the other three options, Jeuveau was recently designed from the start to be used purely for aesthetic treatments. Dr. Greco also had a hand in its development with their manufacturer, Evolus, Inc.

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