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Can a Nose Job Make You Look Younger?

Unlike fillers and facial plastic surgery such as facelifts, rhinoplasty isn’t generally thought of as an anti-aging procedure. But aside from beautification, taking years off of your overall facial appearance is one of the additional benefits of having a nose job. Our Philadelphia-area patients regularly find that their rhinoplasty (nasal aesthetic surgery) makes them look more refreshed.

Contrary to the popular myth, your nose actually doesn’t grow after you reach early adulthood. However, changes to the bone, skin, and cartilage that comprise the nose can make it appear that way. Weight changes, gravity, and an active lifestyle, along with frailer skin, all have an impact on your appearance. As you get older, the cartilage and bone that provide structure for your nose start to deteriorate, and the tip of the nose may begin to droop. 

The skin on the nose also becomes thinner as it loses collagen, elastin, and other components. The nose can appear less symmetrical and more pronounced when other parts of the face—such as the cheeks, temples, and lips—begin to thin out due to aging. Since the nose is such a central feature, people often find changes to its appearance unappealing and choose to have cosmetic treatments to restore proportion and symmetry. The surgical changes don’t have to be dramatic. Even subtle alterations can achieve the desired results while maintaining the overall shape. 

A nose job can impact the appearance of your nose in the following ways:

• Lifting your nose to correct a drooping tip 

• Reducing the overall size of the nose 

• Repositioning and reshaping the lower cartilage of the nose

Note that while a nose job enhances the look of your nose, it won’t improve the tone and texture of the skin. If you’re bothered by aging skin, it’s best to choose minimally invasive procedures like chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing to reduce sunspots and wrinkles. 

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