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Brow Lift vs. BOTOX®: Which is Better for Achieving Younger-Looking Eyes?

Sagging eyelids and heavy eyebrows are common cosmetic concerns that occur due to aging, which causes a loss of connective tissue. Sun exposure can also make the problem worse. Since the eyebrows are noticeable features on the face—involved in communicating emotions and framing our eyes—they’re one of the things others will likely notice first about us. That means sagging eyebrows can have an impact on the rest of our facial features. As they become lax, they can often send the wrong message, making a person appear older, constantly tired, or angry—even when they don’t feel that way. On the other hand, lifted eyebrows make a person look alert, awake, bright, friendly, and happy. In their quest for a younger-looking appearance, patients often try all kinds of topical skin products that promise to revitalize the skin. Sometimes, however, an in-office procedure is the only way to make the dramatic changes you want. Here’s what you should know about the benefits of a BOTOX® brow lift from our Philadelphia-area practice and how it compares to a surgical brow lift, which is also referred to as a forehead lift for rejuvenating the upper one-third of the face. 

It’s often difficult for patients to know what type of cosmetic treatment is best for addressing the effects of aging that are bothering them. Brow lift surgery gives the patient a more naturally refreshed appearance by correcting changes that have occurred to the eyes and forehead. The procedure may involve the removal of excess skin and always entails the repositioning of underlying tissues to reduce the furrows and sagging, followed by a short recovery period that allows swelling and bruises to resolve. Results are long-lasting, giving the patient a more alert appearance for years.

There are two kinds of forehead lifts. The first is an endoscopic and is less invasive, resulting in less bruising and swelling. It involves small incisions and works well for patients with low brows and a low/normal hairline. The trichophytic forehead lift is more invasive, and therefore has a longer healing period. It is ideal for patients with a high forehead, and those who would benefit from a hairline advancement. 

If you require or prefer a less invasive option, a BOTOX® brow lift is a non-surgical injectable procedure that simply elevates the eyebrows and smooths the skin on the outside by relaxing key facial muscles. There is little to no downtime, side effects are minimal, and results last for three to four months on average. Keep in mind that while BOTOX® can help to create a more “open” expression, it won’t address sagging skin. 

Contact us about BOTOX® or a surgical brow lift with Dr. Timothy Greco in the Philadelphia area. You can discuss your options for making the upper part of your face appear more youthful. Call (610) 664-8830 or fill out a contact form to arrange a consultation.