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Reduce Unwanted Hair with Laser Hair Removal in Philadelphia

Shave the Razor and Strip the Wax Out of Your Routine

If you have ever experienced ingrowths or accidental cuts while taking your hair off, you know that excess hair can be a burdensome issue to deal with. It requires careful and constant upkeep, and often involves painful and risky hair removal methods such as waxing, tweezing, shaving, and itchy hair removal creams—not to mention the sheer cumulative cost of time and money spent on all these temporary treatments. But laser hair removal at our Philadelphia-area practice can save you this trouble and make your grooming routine much easier.

While laser hair removal might carry a higher initial price tag than a razor or a wax strip, it pays for itself over time with the heavily reduced upkeep. And the best part? Unless you go through further hormonal changes post treatment, the results are permanent.


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How Laser Hair Removal Works

Hair development and growth occurs over four stages:

Hair can only be permanently destroyed with lasers during the anagen stage, but not every hair goes through the same phase at the same time. To ensure that the most possible hairs are targeted by laser hair removal during their anagen stage, we recommend multiple hair removal treatment sessions spaced out over gradually increasing lengths of time between each session.


Results That Deserve Recognition

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Laser hair removal focuses energy onto hair follicles by targeting the hair’s melanin or pigment (which peaks during the anagen phase), which absorbs the majority of the laser light energy released by the device. The hair follicle becomes heated, damaging it to the point that the hair it contains falls out and is unable to grow back for a very long time—if ever.

During treatment, most patients notice a warm sensation combined with a slight snapping (similar to a rubber band) on the area being treated. Our aesthetician can test a small area with the laser device, after which patients can decide whether they would like to apply a topical anesthetic during any or all of their treatment sessions.

Since most hair removal devices target melanin, laser hair removal tends to be the most effective for patients whose hair is thicker and darker.

Recovery After a Laser Hair Removal Treatment

While the residual laser energy may affect surrounding tissue, it is not enough to damage it, and any resultant redness and/or bumps tend to resolve on their own within a few hours after treatment.

Since laser hair removal is minimally invasive, with no injections or incisions, there is generally no downtime required. The aesthetician may provide you with aftercare instructions, such as avoiding sunlight for the few days to weeks after a laser hair removal treatment session.

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