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Brow Lift

As people age, their eyebrows begin to droop and wrinkles appear in their forehead, often creating a tired or angry look. Frown lines that deepen with age can accentuate this undesirable appearance. Double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy M. Greco offers forehead or brow lift surgery for his Philadelphia patients to create a fresh, rested appearance.

During the traditional brow lift procedure, the forehead skin is raised, excess tissue or skin is removed, and the eyebrows are lifted. Some patients may also benefit from endoscopic brow lift, a surgical procedure that elevates the brows and rejuvenates the forehead using very small incisions.

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After a careful examination of your facial anatomy, Dr. Greco will formulate a customized plan to meet your needs. This may include eyelid surgery to complement the brow lift, laser skin resurfacing to treat crow's feet and forehead wrinkles, a facelift for both upper and lower facial rejuvenation, or BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments to further smooth crow's feet or frown lines.

Dr. Greco's practice is limited solely to excellence in aesthetic surgery of the face, and he treats patients from Philadelphia and out of the area. If you would like to speak with him about brow lift surgery, phone Timothy M. Greco, MD, PC at (610) 664-8830, or request a consultation online today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect immediately after the surgery?

The forehead will have some swelling, which may also cause the upper eyelids to swell. This usually disappears after a few days. The swelling also causes tightness and may cause difficulty raising the eyebrows. The small surgical clips will be removed after 1 week. Most patients find that 80% of the swelling disappears after 2 weeks.

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When will I be presentable in public?

Most patients feel comfortable appearing in public in 10 days to 2 weeks. Makeup will help cover any residual bruising.

Will I lose any hair?

Although a small amount of hair may be removed with excess skin during the procedure, no hair is shaved when preparing for a brow lift. Dr. Greco may use a special technique to advance the hairline in patients with high foreheads, if this is one of your concerns.

Will I have any numbness?

Numbness after surgery depends on the particular incision and approach used. Numbness generally resolves in several weeks to several months after the procedure – although, in rare instances, it may last longer.

What are the risks?

During your consultation, we will discuss any potential risks as well as ways to minimize them.

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